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How To Earn Free Bitcoins And Other Cryptocurrencies Without Investing Anything? [13 Best Ways]

Without Investing Anything How One Can  Earn Free Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies? Is it possible that anyone can earn Bitcoin without in...

Without Investing Anything How One Can  Earn Free Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies?


Is it possible that anyone can earn Bitcoin without investing anything? Then the answer is yes. One can earn Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies without any investment. So don't be panic as I will show you the way how to earn bitcoin without any investment.

How to earn bitcoin without investing anything? I will not give you any magic but I will provide you the right and accurate way to earn free bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies and that is also without any investment. Here's what you need to do to earn free bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, a PC or Smartphone and an internet connection that everyone has today.

Top 13 ways to earn free cryptocurrency without any investment

There are many ways to earn free cryptocurrency without any investment, but we will only discuss the top 13 important ways to earn free cryptocurrency here. As I promised you, only to provide a way to earn free cryptocurrency, and that too without any investment.

Let's start with the most important lists given below:

01) By Participating In Legit Airdrops Only

02) Through The Crypto Faucets

03) By Downloading And Using The Brave Browser

04) Through The Freelancing

05) Through Affiliate Marketing

06) Earn Free Cryptocurrency Through Bounties

07) Earning Free Cryptocurrencies Through Mining

08) By Downloading The Cryptocurrency Wallet

09) Earning Free Bitcoins Through dApps

10) Earn Free Cryptocurrency By Playing Crypto Games

11) Earn Free Tokens By Publishing On

12) Earn Free Cryptocurrency From

13) Earn Free Crypto-Coins Through

01) By Participating In Legit Airdrops Only

Now the question arises that what is Airdrops? So for your information- Many new and old companies come up with the strategy of free distribution of cryptocurrency and tokens for marketing their new cryptocurrency projects.

But you have to be very careful while participating, as you only have to participate in the genuine Airdrops.  Because there are a lot of scams going on and they can collect your sensitive information like email, your phone number, mobile number, address and much more.  So you have to be very careful.  In most airdrops, users receive cryptocurrency for completing a few small tasks such as the following:

a) to invite friends

b) signing up via an email address

c) Sharing on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

d) by downloading the wallet

e) by downloading an app

For your convenience, I am going to present some of the most important and quality airdrops to earn free crypto currency.  So please do take advantage of it.  Click on The Best Cryptocurrency Airdrops [2021]

02) Through The Crypto Faucet:

One of the best way to earn free cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin etc. through the Crypto Faucets.  There are few sites where you can claim free cryptocurrency instantly.  You don't need to invest a single penny, and you can earn free cryptocurrencies just by claiming. And if you have enough free time, this is the best way where you can convert your free time to earn free cryptocurrencies.  The only thing you have to do is just sign up with some real crypto faucet sites, and start claiming as often as you can.

Now the question must be arising in your mind that why will this site give you money? The answer is here, crypto faucets are sites that make money through advertising and they pass some of it to their users for watching some ads.  There are some sites that offer you a single cryptocurrency like bitcoin (BTC), while some other sites offer you Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and many other cryptocurrencies.

There are some sites which have been running for many years and are reputed in crypto markets like, this is the site which is very popular and it has been distributed more than 2,25,000 bitcoins to its users. If you consider the rewards you get on these sites, then you will not be inclined to work at all. But if you do this by planning for the future to keep these small portions and collect slowly and steadily then it will be really beneficial for you in the near future.

Since the rewards are small, you will have to create a routine and visit multiple websites several times a day to make a decent amount of cryptocurrency.  But don't worry, your small earnings can turn into big ones if you continue with your plan.

Here are some trusted sites which will allow you to earn free cryptocurrencies are as under:

1) More Money

2) BtcBux

3) Grabtc

4) Cointiply

5) FreeBitCoin

6) Bitcoinker

7) Time For Bitcoin

8) World Of Bitcoin

9) Get Your Bitcoin

10) Fire Faucet

03) By Downloading And Using The Brave Browser:

You can earn cryptocurrency by downloading and using Brave Browser. Not only does it pay you in cryptocurrency but it also blocks unnecessary ads for you.  Usually we use many browsers in our daily life but we do not get anything in return, so why not use this browser to earn something for free.

Since, it is a long term plan and you cannot make huge profit immediately from it. So it is advised to change your browser and download and start using Brave Browser immediately to collect BAT (Basic Attention Token).

Be patient while using the Brave browser, as it states that users can expect to earn an amount of around US$200 per year in the near future.  Click here to know more about Brave Browser.

04) Through The Freelancing:

Freelancing is one of the best way to earn cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and many more.  There are many platforms that provide freelancing through blockchain technology. It is observed that many of them do not charge any cost or even any transaction fee, and thus the employees get what the employer pays.  You can take freelancing as an starting of your professional career too.  Since freelancing is an excellent opportunity, where you are free to work.

What is Freelancing?

Simply put, freelancing is where you can work as an independent individual or company instead of being employed by someone else.  You can use your skills, education and all your experience to work independently with multiple clients and perform a wide variety of tasks without the commitment to one employer.  You can say that freelancers are self-employed, and they can often be referred to as an independent contractor.

Since the cryptocurrencies are volatile and risky; therefore, it is highly recommended to accept the payment in more stable cryptocurrency.  After knowing what freelancing is, if you are willing to work as a freelancer, then here are some places from where you can start your freelancing business.

05) Through Affiliate Marketing:

You can earn cryptocurrency through affiliate marketing. You should know which brands are willing to pay in cryptocurrencies. If you look, you will find that there are a lot of blockchain companies that are already paying their affiliate partners in cryptocurrencies. To start earning with these companies, you will need to set up a blog or website related to that particular niche.

In short, an affiliate marketing is a program where you have to promote the products or services of other persons or companies on their recommendations in order to earn some commission on the sales.

06) Earn Free Cryptocurrency Through Bounties:

You can earn free cryptocurrencies through bounties, which are similar to airdrops. The only difference is that it require more skill and time.  Bounties programs are designed for promoting cryptocurrency to crypto users.  In the initial stage, companies offer coins to crypto users as an incentive through a reward program. There are many activities carried out by the participants in ICO (Initial Coin Offering). Programs are organized by which more and more people can know about this organization through its programs. Users are rewarded with tokens for which tasks are assigned to participants by companies. Awards can be divided into two parts:-

1) Pre-ICO Stage: Where it may be possible to buy a limited amount of tokens at the lowest price rate. The companies can then use the funding to complete the ICO, or it can build its own product.

2) Post-ICO Stage: Here, the main focus of the company in this phase is to provide value and final product to the token holders.

What are the different types of Bounties?

1) Bug Bounties:

Bug bounties are for developers and testers only. In a bug bounty, developers have to find and solve a bug before the general public becomes aware of it. Developers help the organization by preventing incidents of widespread abuse. Bug Bounty is implemented by a large number of organizations like Facebook, Google, Square, Microsoft, Yahoo, Mozilla etc.

The rewards here can be quite good, as the developers help the companies or organization save money in the end.

2) Signature Bounties:

In a Signature Bounties, you must accomplish the task by adding a signature to your account. It is created for those who are active in the cryptocurrency community. The goal here is to showcase and promote projects in your signature. This is mostly done on the Bitcoin Talk Forum.

3) Social Bounties:

In a Social Bounties, you have to complete the task that is related to the social media task. It is mostly for networking experts and influencers. The goal is set to share content with its followers and provide exposure on Facebook, Twitter as these are the platforms that are very popular.

4) Translation Bounties:

The word 'translation' itself reveals its meaning. You have to translate something like a website or a white paper, and you get rewarded for that.

07) Earning Free Cryptocurrencies Through Mining:

Bitcoin mining requires considerable investment before reaping any rewards. But there are some ways in which you can earn free cryptocurrency without any investment. Yes, this is true. Here,  you will learn how you can earn free bitcoins through mining without any investment.

Is it possible that one can earn free bitcoins?

Free bitcoins are real and legitimate, but doesn't that mean you can't be deceived? It is possible for you to be deceived, so you have to be very careful.

Free bitcoins really do exist and can be earned in a number of ways.  This will surprise you, while many have put in the effort to get it, but it is still free.  You can be very safe when you are not going to invest a single penny to get it.

How can one earn free bitcoins?

Despite the faucet and cloud mining platform, there are many other ways to get free bitcoins as well.  Many people believe that free mining is an expensive game, but in fact free mining does exist.

There are many cloud mining platforms available, including bitcoin faucets, they send bitcoins regularly but in small amounts, and they make it more accessible.

Is bitcoin mining possible, and that too without any investment?

Yes, it is indeed possible that you can get free bitcoin mining without any investment. You can start mining bitcoins by installing mining browser. You don't need any sophisticated equipment. All you have to do is install the mining browser and start mining. The only thing it needs is that it uses the power of your computer to get bitcoins, which you can then get.

CryptoTab is the best example of such a mining browser. But you should be aware of the side effects of such software while using this type of mining browser.  This type of software is dangerous for your computer because it has the potential to slow down the speed of your computer, not only that it can also warn of damage to your CPU. Your computer may overheat because it has the potential to overwork your computer.

Is there an alternative to CPU mining?

Yes, there are options to use the power of your CPU to mine crypto coins. There are cloud mining tools available, such as StormGain, a zero commission mining platform. Those who want to earn free income from bitcoin mining can use this option. StormGain is one of the best cloud mining tools available where no upfront fees have to be paid, it takes a small percentage of your mining income which is acceptable by any crypto users.  And this way you can gain a significant income.

There are many other platforms that offer cryptocurrency trading at a higher price, as well as its cloud mining services.  Since the options are available, it is not clear whether they are completely free. Or potentially there are some initial costs involved.

Cointiply is an alternative to StormGain. Here you do not have to invest any money, but for this you have to do some small work. Here you will be rewarded with some cryptocurrency for taking surveys and many other small tasks. Since they have a bitcoin faucet, that gives you an amount every hour. From start up, it has paid out over USD 3 million in bitcoins. If you are active on this platform then you will get 1% bonus daily.

Which is the fastest way to get 1 bitcoin free?

Since the price of bitcoin is so high, it is difficult to say that one can get 1 bitcoin for free nowadays. But it can also be possible.

If you do a few things and play the game in combination, Taps can get you excited to get your first bitcoin very fast. Here you have to be very patient and dedicated towards your work which will help you to achieve your goal.

If you do not have enough patience and dedication towards your work, there is another option available. Competition are held on these platforms where you can try your luck to win prizes which can be even 1 bitcoin depending on the type of contest.  But at the same time you should also be cautious, because most of the time scams happen. You have to try your luck on some real platform only. If you can be very lucky, you may ever win prizes.

Which is the best free bitcoin miner?

If you are looking for free bitcoin mining and that too without any investment, then you have come to the right place. I will provide you with some great options which may be best for you.

Cointiply is one of the best platforms where you can mine and accumulate bitcoins through various tasks, faucets, and even games. Now it's up to you how much effort and time you can devote to this site.

There is another platform, which may be the best option for you. Here you will get regular automatic withdrawals to your wallet which is the best feature. You will also get regular bonus. Some paid plans are also available, but it's your choice.

Can you get free bitcoins on a daily basis?

If you want to earn free bitcoins on a daily basis, there are other avenues in spite of free mining.  If you can be patient and stick to work, then Faucet can be the best option where you can get free bitcoins on a daily basis. Nowadays, these types of websites are very popular in the crypto community. You receive small amounts of bitcoins regularly depending on the time frame, which can be hourly, few minutes or even no time frame.

These are faucets, which may either have their own wallets, or it may ask you to provide a wallet address where bitcoins will be sent.  You can withdraw to your own wallet, or you can leave it if the faucet offers some interest on your coins. There are some websites which offer good amount of interest. In this case you can leave your coins to earn interest on it. is one of the best and reputed websites that offers interest rates on your bitcoins. But the only reason, you need a good amount of cryptocurrency is because they have set limits on which you can earn interest rate.

08) By Downloading The Cryptocurrency Wallet:

Hey, you can earn free crypto tokens by downloading and completing the setup process. I am going to share some of the most popular crypto multi-cryptocurrency wallets and the process to get free tokens. These wallets are not only secure but also help you store your cryptocurrencies in one place. You can find the list of wallets as follows:-

1) Trust Wallet:

Trust Wallet is one of the best and legitimate crypto wallet. Trust Wallet is a mobile wallet and it provides various services such as store crypto coins, send payments, invest in new project or, you can use dApps. What else do you need, here you get everything in one solution for various activities.

You need to follow the following steps to download and set up the process:

a) Download the App: Trust Wallet App

b) After downloading the app you need to set up your wallet.

c) After completing your set up process, you will get a pop-up. Now all you have to do is click 'OK' to redeem the referral and you can enjoy 100 TWT tokens for free.

d) Anyhow if you do not get the pop-up screen, you will have to click on this referral link again. And now you will definitely get your 100 TWT tokens.

e) For each referral, they will provide you 100 TWT tokens.

2) Atomic Wallet:

Atomic Wallet is also the most popular crypto wallet in the market. Here you will find an all-in-one cryptocurrency solution. It comes with various features like decentralization, atomic swaps, anonymity, security and much more. It supports for multiple coins. It is also user friendly with multiple devices.

Since Atomic Wallet does not store private keys in its servers, therefore, it gives its users complete control over their private keys. Users have the freedom to store the private key on their PC. What's more, Atomic gives its users a unique mnemonic seed phrase that controls access to the account.

Atomic Wallet is compatible with Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, Fedora and Debian operating systems. This feature makes it much easier to use on a variety of devices.  It comes with the aim of easy access to all levels of users, hence it provides ease to its users with a wide range of features.

You need to follow the following steps to download and install process:

a) Download and set up: Download Atomic Wallet and complete the set up process.

b) Now go to get Airdrop

c) Next, you need to fill in your email address and use promo code: _________ to get your 15 AWC coins for free.

d) You can earn extra coins by sharing your referral link with others.

Note: Airdrop is currently restricted in the following counties which are as follows:-

1) India

2) Bangladesh

3) Pakistan

4) Nigeria

5) Indonesia

6) Philippines

7) Venezuela

09) Earning Free Bitcoins Through dApps:

You can earn free coins through dApps by providing your best services like writing online reviews for crypto coins, airdrops, crowd-funding and freelance services. Thus, dApps reward you in cryptocurrencies for the services they provide.

What is dApps and how it works?

You must know what is dApps? First of all dApps means Decentralized Application. Since DApps are decentralized applications, it provides decentralized services which means there is no need for any third parties. 
In other words, it is based on open source software, which takes advantage of blockchain technology known as decentralized Applications (dApps). 

It is a protocol that runs on a distributed computing system. Third parties are involved in a centralized platform, but no third party is involved in any transactions conducted on a decentralized platform.

DApps were successfully implemented in the crypto world, along with the Ethereum blockchain. Nowadays, there are many different dApps.

Best example of dApps:

In the present days, the most famous dApps are Decentralized Crypto Exchanges or DEXs. These are the best examples of dApps that enable people to swap one crypto for another without the need for a centralized gatekeeper like you would find on exchanges like Coinbase and Binance.

What is dApp Token? And what is it used for?

DApp token is a cryptocurrency coin, created for the purpose of selling in ICO; To fund product development. And it was also created with the aim of boosting the operation of dApps. To make it more simple, here is an example for you; To run smart contracts on the Ethereum platform, ETH is 'crypto-fuel'.

By downloading the coinbase wallet, you can earn cryptocurrencies like Cents, Smartdrops, etc.

Through survey apps, you can also earn some extra cryptocurrency coins. One of the legitimate and secure apps that can help you earn crypto coins is the Apple app.

Kik's Kinit App is an app that offers you Kin coins to earn just for filling out surveys.

10) Earn Free Cryptocurrency By Playing Crypto Games:

You can get free cryptocurrency just by playing easy games. One more thing, that you don't have to invest or deposit anything. RollerCoin is one of the best site where you can earn real cryptocurrency by playing simple yet entertaining games.

By playing mini-games you can increase your virtual mining power and generate free cryptocurrency daily.

So what are you waiting for? To start earning free crypto coins today, click here to find out the RollerCoin game.

11) Earn Free Tokens By Publishing On

You can earn free tokens on in the following ways:-

1) You can earn rewards in the form of cryptocurrencies through the publication of your blog posts based on blockchain topics on the Steemit platform or by sharing your comments.

2) Another way to earn crypto on the Steemit platform is by posting comments on blog posts and voting in the community.

3) The best way to earn some extra coins through Steemit platform is to become a curator.
Curie is an organization that votes for promising writers. Here, a single up-vote is very valuable as it can make a huge difference on a blog post and the payoff is very high which can be USD80. Thus, the job of a curator is to find high quality posts and earn some extra coins here.

4) There is another organization that pays the best writers to post content on their blog site. Organization named ADSACTLY which works cooperatively for autonomous decentralized society. Here you can get reward for writing or editing.

5) If you have a good number of followers on the Steemit platform and also your post ranking is high, then you can have more Steem power.  And if you have more Steem power then you can get more crypto coins.

12) Earn Free Cryptocurrency From

You can easily start earning free crypto coins from the site by completing some small tasks, taking surveys, and watching short videos etc.

There are over 100 different types of crypto coins available, but you can start earning with Litecoin which not only has low fees but also has a low minimum withdrawal limit.

This is my personal opinion, don't leave your free crypto coins on any site, now it's up to you what you think is better for you.

So, without wasting much time start earning on site right now.

13) Earn Free Crypto-Coins Through is another great website to earn free cryptocurrency by completing certain tasks and replying to emails. recently collaborated with Coinbase, and launched a program to earn while learning. This is an opportunity for crypto users who have a chance to learn more about cryptocurrency as well as earn some cryptocurrency as a reward. A verified user on the Coinbase platform has a chance to earn some cryptocurrency by answering questions or completing certain tasks. has launched the Coinbase Earn program, where users can learn more about cryptocurrencies and tokens by watching educational videos. Once educated, users can earn free Cryptocurrency by answering quizzes that are conducted for skill testing.

I think this is the best chance you should grab. Because, you are not only educating yourself, but you also get some free cryptocurrencies as an incentive.

Therefore, without wasting much time, you can visit Coinbase for registration which is absolutely free, but you will need to complete KYC in order to participate in the program.

You will also have to register on and complete the KYC process.

After completing the above process, you can start earning by completing some tasks.


If you ask me which is the best option to earn free bitcoins and that too without any investment, then I would recommend you to go for faucet. Here you can withdraw the cryptocurrency to your wallet immediately or at some time interval. You can accumulate slowly but steadily which can become a significant amount in the near future.

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